Welcome aboard! This website offers stories, poems, photos, and maybe a painting or two. I will add new pages from time to time.

My latest novel, The Navigator II: Irish Revenge, is an adventure/thriller set in Nothern Ireland. See the reviews on amazon by clicking here.

The photo above was taken by Joe Slater from his boat as Sumter and I sailed aboard Krystal with Kevin and Arline Balmer in July 2011. We were sailing from Rathlin Island to the River Bann in Northern Ireland. Benbane Head, located just east of Giant’s Causeway, is in the background.

To see my first novel, The Navigator: A Perilous Passage, Evasion at Sea please click here for its location on Amazon.com or, if in Europe, click this link for Amazon.co.uk. Once on the webpage, you can find a link to the Kindle version as well.

A sequel to the first novel, The Navigator II: Irish Revenge, has become available on October 20, 2016. Please click here for a link.


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